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Here's the scoop...


The Great Grizzly usually has some pretty memorable evenings and Saturday night was no exception. We went from a Trashed female patron dirty dancing, dirty talking, etc requesting Brown Eyed Girl and Motown all night, to a late arriving out of town Cougar drum instructor. Not to mention Ms. G. I. Joe. None the less it is good to see people out having a good time.


A birthday to remember. 

Although my birthday is the 19th, we played at Riddles in U.City Friday night the 16th.  For those of you who were there, it was a people watching night like no other. Black leather pants, heels too much to drink and really getting into the music can make you go crazy, yes she did!!

September 05th 2009. 

Special thanks to Kathy for spicing up the show at Maple Days. Kathy was celebrating her 40th birthday party, and wow did she know how to celebrate. I thought it was only men that beer effected that way, you know how women always get prettier towards closing time. Well Kathy though we were F------ HOT!! And yes, it was getting close to closing time.

May of 2008

This marks the end of another chapter of the Pocketchange Blues Band. I looked back at some notes, some memo to try to see when we first met Jason.  I could not find any, but I think it was in the summer of 2004. We were playing at the Train Wreck and later ended up at Spootys.  I have some pictures of us in 12/2004.  We surely had some good times with Jason, and no one got bored at our shows. We will move on now, all of us, for we all have that one thing in common, the love of music, and the freedom you feel when performing. Our paths will cross again, and when it does I hope we can strike up the band and have one, for old time sake.


A night in South St. Louis is an experience everyone should have at least once.  I am speaking about our night in the Jefferson Bistro last Saturday night.  One of my co-workers summed it up Monday morning when he said "I think that was a record  number of bra's on the stage Saturday" Pretty crazy night, and some pretty crazy ladies. And yes, he was correct that was a record for the number of bra's on stage.  Funny thing was Jason tried to put one on, and realized he knows how to take them off, but could figure out the combination to put one back on, I mean why would we know that. Tim has just retubed his amp, and we thought it sounded great, and I think the amp, with the bra in the foreground really set it off.  Great sound with some nice trim. 


My cousins were at the show at J.P corner on the 14th, and they said it best with "more than one show going here at this place"  It was St. Patrick's weekend, and wow, there were a few shows going on at that place. The tall "ladies" that were on the dance floor, they had all eyes on them that's for sure. Lots of cleavage that night also, many comments about that during the night.  Not to mention the best ass award.  If you were not there, you missed a great time. You never know what to expect when you mix beer, rock and roll, and women together.


Since we are on the subject of sex. Did anyone feel awkward when Brian came in and just laid that stereo equipment at Adrian's feet!! You talk about a show stopper. Sure looked like a lovers spat to me!! What did you do to piss off that big man!


Took us awhile to figure it out, but sex really does sell. We are now renting out Jason to other bands, that would like to fill the tip jars. He just gets on stage, wiggles his ass, and money just gets stuffed down his pants!!  Girls are pretty crazy too!!


If you were not there to see it, you missed a wild one Saturday night at Parrot's.  A reunion of some of our friends from high school, and I mean the mid 1970's high school days. I had my thigh bit, yes that is right, onstage, two of the savages, came right up and bit me on the thigh. Not since the mid 70's has that happened Oh, yes, it was fun, I loved it. Pam and Sue, you still got it!!!! Good to see you again, and thanks for the memories.

So, Jason, what was that girl in the front row doing all night, was she a gymnast? What was that all about.


  Jason was close to getting knocked out Saturday night!!!  He took his eyes off of the crowd, and almost paid for it. During one of our dance songs, a couple decided to get pretty rowdy with the swing dance, and the guy swung the girl over his back, and her feet came around and knocked Jason’s microphone right off the mic stand.  Yes, head high!! Just inches from him!!  Pretty crazy, and just when you thought you had seen it all!!



Our thoughts a prayers are with the family of Nick Hoffman.  Nick is friend of family and we learned of his passing today.  We heard he was sick on Christmas eve, and was diagnosed with cancer (Leukemia). We were shocked to hear he passed so quickly. 


You heard of Ghostbusters!  We have "drunk busters Jason"  Yes that is right, if you have a drunk in the crowd that you need to get rid of, just call Jason Martin.  We had a very drunk man at our show last Friday night, and I was ready to throw him out between sets, but Jason could not even wait that long, after about six songs, he looked at Tim, and said take over singing, I have to talk to this guy!! He did, and the guy left, and Jason would not even reveal his method to us!!


With Adrian being out of the band, we are trying to get that sex appeal thing going, what do you think, Jason on a dance pole.  Just what he needs is a prop!!


Ok, the question is how are we going to get the sex appeal back, since Adrian is gone?


The Tower pub was the place to be.  Sit in drummer Mr. Tim Heideman did an excellent job for us, and Mr. Rob Garland joined us for the second set with some smoking blues. Mr. Adrian House got lost in the nurses station for a few songs.  Jason actually yelled at one time that we had a "man down".  Unfortunately for Adrian he ended up with us at Uncle Bills after the show, he had other places on his mind.


  Wow was it hot last night or what.  Hot place, hot women, and hot blues. Love that combo.  The band is really sounding nice right now after a few shows with Mr. Tom May.  We are looking to add some more song selections very soon, so stay tuned for some new stuff from the Pocketchange Blues Band.



Well if you missed the Tower Pub last night, you missed a good one.  Mr. Alex House sat in for complete session on the drums, and Mr. Adrian House sported a different guitar.  Both ingredients made for a special evening. Tim sang a different version of "She caught the Katy" and said something about "Her big tits in the hall" so that got some of the ladies in the house some pretty crazy ideas.  Next thing you know we had George Washington's stuff down the front of their blouses and Jason had to retrieve those dollars for the tit jar, I mean tip jar. Hard work for those lead singers


Pretty crazy weekend for the Pocketchange Blues Band.  Yes, Adrian was standing up Friday night at Parrot's,  What a night, good show and we were very happy with the sound there.  Now for the really wild news!! Yes we had Francesca up dancing on the bar at Baby K's and pictures to prove it.  Pic


Rumors have it, that Adrian will be standing up playing at Parrot's, what do you think?

Ok you Blues Bands out there.  How do you handle that guest that keeps coming to the stage asking for you to play “Mustang Sally” When asked that last night after several request our guitar players answer was simply “The fucking bitch was shot” Maybe you may have a better answer. Let me know

Just when you think you have seen it all.  I dream of Jeanne shows up last night with Larry Shepherd.  Jeanne turns out to be one of nurses that cared for Denise's mom at the hospital. Wow, that is wild.


We have a new tip jar at Spooty's  Thank you Lauren Youtzy.  In the theme of Pocketchange she took a paint bucket and attached a blue jean pocket to the outside with the Pocketchange tip jar printed on it, and some loose dollars sticking out the top, very cool.

Mr. Nick Russo sat in last night to warm up the Pocketchange blues band, with a little shuffle, and little rock and roll.  Thank you Nick!

I think you will be in the studio next week

Nick and Lauren

We had some new  guests at the show Saturday night. Nick and Lauren   Nick was taking some film shots for the band, when a patron decided she wanted to be part of the show, Nick got some interesting shots lets just put it that way!!  

I love playing at Spooty's in Soulard. Sometimes, being that close to the patrons can really be interesting.  Adrian had a very nice young lady wanting his attention. So after some time on the dance floor of not being noticed she came up to him, and just put her hand under his chin and lifted it up "look up" she told him. Not just once but several times, it did work, she managed to Adrian to look up. 

I should write a book!!!



Yes! Jason is happy!  Will fill you in on the details later.

Ok, late enough, He met a very nice women at Spooty's during  our last show. I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia last night at the show.  Very nice lady and  I wish the two of them the best.


Ok ladies, I think Jason needs a girl friend. The Tower Pub was just packed last with some very attractive women in the crowd.  Jason was sure looking for some companionship for the evening.  Did not happen.


Did you ever have that annoying or intoxicated bar patron ask to sit in, or sing with your band?

If you would like to know how to get rid of them politely you have to ask our guitar player Adrian House.

Last week when the typical " do you know how to play ___________  I can sing it with you". was asked, Adrian replied " we do not play karaoke songs" and later when she was telling him that she used to sing a band, he replied "How's that going for you right now"  That one sent her back to the bar.

Tom Brooks put on a dance show Friday night. If you missed that, you missed a good time.  Thanks Tom!  Great night.  Denise and Susie were busy designing logo's for the new Pocketchange intimate apparel cumming soon. We even read the top ten list, on why to have your Pocketchange briefs, panties, g-string or whatever, on, of course these came from Denise and Susie. Will post those later.

Anybody catch that hair cut on our new lead singer!!!  Wow, short, bald!  Go Jason, you rock

 There was a flasher in the house Friday night.  She just kept showing her boobs to the band all night.

It is very dangerous to dance close to Adrian!!

He swings a pretty mean Axe!!

Just ask the lady at the Trainwreck Friday night.

She got a little too close to the stage, and she

was back pedaling, and Adrian was turning

to his right and bam!!! smacked her right on the head.










Here I'll include some of the juicier stuff I hear about the band members. No guarantee of the accuracy of what you read in this column!
A special thanks to Steve Labruyere for his appearance Friday night.  Steve, his lovely wife Donna, and Steve's sister Tina were all there.  Tina was doing the bump with Howard Young and the whole band, thanks again Steve!!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

The blues are the roots, every thing else is the fruits