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This band is awesome live!



Pocketchange was at J.P's Corner for St. Patrick's weekend. Tim put together a great mix for front of house, and also stage mix.  Larry did a great job on drums, and Mr. Darrow Washington filled in was some great guitar lics. This was a very good show, and we had many comments  from the patrons to support that.  Mr. Adrian House was stellar on his guitar work on "Texas Flood", Adrian has worked very hard on his chop's and his hard working is really paying off. His slide work is solid, along with rhythm playing.  The band is getting some great reviews as of late, and playing in some new exciting places. The Tin Can downtown on Locust street. We have been hired to play at Riddles in U. City, and are working on the Great Grizzly.


Pocketchange was a little flat Friday night at Spooty's.  Working with their new drummer Mr. Kendall Hoffman, they seemed a little rough, trying find the tempo's, and starting the songs. However by Saturday night, they found the magic button. Better crowd, and the band really came to life.  Darrow Washington joined in for some great guitar licks, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. More good things  to follow with Kendall on the drums.


Not our best night at the Tower Pub. We were missing Mr. Howard Young, and we could feel it.  We had some pretty good songs, like Adrian lead on "Texas Flood", the bands energy was really with Adrian on that one.  But seem like the first two sets were ok, but lost the edge after that.  Not a bad night, just not one of our real good ones.  


  Spooty’s was sure busy this weekend.  The band sounded great, and was well supported both nights. Lauren Bauer sat in on drums Saturday night for the first set, and did a great job.  A little nervous the start, but settle right in, and really came alive during Texas Flood. Was fun to watch and listen to the youth play and sing the blues



Pocketchange has added another original song to their set list.  "Best Served Cold" is the title, and written by Jason Martin and Adrian House on guitar.  We are looking forward to another one that Jason has written with Tim Bauer, the song is pretty much together, just need some fine tuning and rehearsal


Well Pocketchange will not be the same without Mr. Adrian House.  The sex appeal is gone for one thing, but his talent is missed also.  Some songs miss the slide, others just miss the solid rhythm section that he provided.  We are getting better, and after last night at Parrot's, we are starting to make the adjustments required.  Howard, on the harp is filling in nicely on most of the leads, and the rest of the band is listening to each other, and filling in the empty spots.  We will continue to get better it will just take some time.


The band had a great night in St. Charles at the Parrots Sports Bar.  Tom May on the drums is getting the songs down and really adds to mix.  His solo during the break of "One way out" was really sounding good with the double bass going full speed ahead.  The band is continuing to add new songs so if you have not been out for awhile you will hear them do some stuff you have not heard them do before.


Special thanks to Mr. Rob Garland for stopping in Saturday night and joining us for a few songs.  It is always a thrill when Rob shows up.  Thanks again Rob!!


  Pocketchange Blues Band put on a great show Friday night at Spooty's in Soulard.  New energy brought to you by Mr. Tom May on the drums brought the crowd to their feet several times during the night.  Tom’s drum solo during “One Way Out” was very powerful and the crowd responded with a standing ovation!  The band could feel the energy and so could the crowd.  Tim’s story time got pretty exciting when he started to have Adrian ask his “wife” if he could stay for awhile.  Adrian was quick to point out that he does not even have a wife!! And that’s funny too!!

  Pocketchange has found a good fit with their new drummer Mr. Tom May.  They will continue to improve and add songs as they grow and play together.  Look for some pretty good stuff from these guys.



We got a call from Spooty's this weekend, our friend Rob Garland is sick and could not play, so we ended up playing the weekend.  We really had a great time, Ron the rock and roll owner sat in with us Friday night and played some Marshall Tucker, and some Santana, ZZ Top, he was playing with a 1971 Gibson es335, wow that was awesome.  Tim brought out a new toy, his new Vox amp, small 15 watt with a single 12" speaker, and that really sounded great.  Saturday night we were without Jason, so Tim and Adrian covered all the songs, they did a pretty good job, but could not match the energy combined that Jason has onstage!!!!  We have some new young faces in the crowd, and it is really good to see the young people enjoying the blues music!!  Nick Russo who works with me, and his girl friend Lauren Youtzy were out both nights, and  Saturday night brought some of the family with them. And a new tip jar!!


Howard Young was onstage last night with Pocketchange as a full time band member.  He really fits will into the style of the group. He plays great background and some very nice solo's, and I love when he does the call and response sections  with Adrian and Tim, they are never rehearsed, just from the hip.


If you like guitar players, and great Texas Blues, Spooty's in soulard was the place to be Friday night. Pocketchange had a special guest Rob Garland on stage!  It is really great to see Rob when really gets to let loose, when he sits in with a band he does not have be the show, he can improvise, and wow can he ever improvise.  He is a real pro, and very fine gentleman.  Always a wonderful experience when he shows up and just lets loose.  Thank Rob!


Howard Young sat in with Pocketchange tonight. He brought his fabulous sound to 
the stage tonight, and treated all of us to some fantastic harmonica licks. He has been
playing around town for many years, and we were sure honored to have him onstage with us

Spooty's in Soulard was sure a great place to play. Good crowd, lots of fun, and they 
are having us back again so keep a look out for the date, and tell your friends about us.

Friday night at the Tower Pub, we had John Travolta (Tom Brooks) put on a dance performance
for everyone in attendance. He was dancing everywhere, even on the table tops!!
It was outstanding. Thanks Tom, great time. Other surprises that night also.

If you were not there, you just missed it!!


Rob Garland sat in with Pocketchange last night!! 

That was a real treat, as we have been fans of Rob for some time now. I have a link to Robs web site at the related link tabs. Rob is one of St. Louis's best and we were honored to have him on stage.

We had another fine guitarist, John, (friend of Jeff Thompson) sit in with us last night
also. Playing a nice Gibson Les Paul, sounded great, and John had the chops to compliment
the axe.

And a local Tony Meyer, sat in on bass, bringing Pocketchange a first time performance
of B.B. Kings, The Thrill is Gone. The crowd really enjoyed seeing one of their own up 

Good time at Foley's last. Our first time to play at Foley's turned out
to be a pretty good night. Jeff Thompson knows the manager of Foley's and
that's how we found out about it. Fun place to play and seemed like the 
crowd got bigger as the night went on.


Pocketchange is everywhere!!

New location is Maplewood!

Foley's Bar 

(314) 645-6424
3522 Greenwood Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO

 10/15/05. 9pm Sat. night special at Foley's in Jeff Thompson's neighborhood
come on out and hear the band in Maplewood.


We are headed to Soulard!!!

Come check us out in Soulard, we are playing sat. 10/22/05 at Spooty's
located at 11th and Geyer. 9pm till 1 am. We are very excited to be 
playing in Soulard, come on out and help celebrate with us.



A lesson in the Blues!!


 B.B. King put on a show Friday night and anyone in the business of entertainment would have enjoyed this one.  He is the master, no one his equal.  I have seen him now four times live and have never seen the same show.  It is incredible to seem him adapt his show year after year. He has slowed down a little on his guitar licks, but he has adapted his style so well, he just doesn’t play as much as he used to, and makes it work very well.  He is 80 years old this year, at least that is what he is saying now, but I saw him last year at the St. Louis river splash, and he was only 72, so who really knows.  I had the thrill of taking my son, Tim, to see him for our first time about six years ago, and last night I had the thrill of seeing him again, this time with Tim and one of my daughters, Lauren.  It was just as exciting for me to witness his effect on Lauren, as it was when Tim and I first saw him.  Lauren was so impressed with his stage presence, and his performance, she could not believe what she was seeing.  Of course she has heard about him over the years from media, and us but seeing this man on stage is another experience.


He sings a Willie Nelson song, “Night time is the right time” just to hear him sing that song and imagine how many times he has put on his shows over the years is unreal.  He told the crowd last night he has performed in 90 countries over the world, not bad for a bluesman from Mississippi.


Joe Bonamassa started the show and he was really great, and I knew we were in for a great night of blues.  Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band was next and they were very good.  All of us in this entertainment field can surely take some lessons from B.B. King because as good as the other bands were, and much better guitar players than B.B. they did not come close to putting on a show like Mr. King.


Thank you to Lauren, who heard the show advertised on radio and just knew she had to do this for my birthday present.  Thank you to Tim for being part of this with me. 



The Tower Pub was rocking Friday night!!  Thanks again for your support.  Good crowd and good times.


We are going back again in October, I will have to let you know the dates a little later when I know for sure.


Thanks again,



Just a note to let you know that we are playing this coming Friday night at
the Tower Pub. 08/12/05.

Located in south city just a few blocks south of Arsenal on Morganford.

When you're near it, you'll hear it!!!!


Happy 4th of July 

We had a great time performing at a private party in Lake St. Louis.
Weather was very nice for the 4th, not so hot, and the rain stayed away
from the Lake.

Looks like the band lost a pickup truck in the process. Adrian's 
truck broke down on the way, so he was unable to make it. Looks like
he needs a new truck or a new engine in that one.

We are back on stage at the Trainwreck on the Landing, 
Friday night 07/22/05. Come on out and see our new singer Jason!

He did a great job on the 4th, we are really looking forward to this show.



We had a great time Friday night and thank you for your support.

A couple of young blues fans joined the stage with us also.

Jason Martin did a fantastic job on vocals, and a very entertaining performer. Jason has plenty experience on the blues scene here in town.

Paul, played the sax, and I do not think the word played does anything to define how he sounds.  You will just have hear this guy.  During one session of call and response, from Adrian and Paul in the solo of Texas Flood, Paul lead with such an awesome call, Adrian ‘s only response was “Man, I can’t do that”.  The crowd really enjoyed that. Great time!.


We had a great time at the Tower Pub Friday night.  Thank you for your support.  A little on the

tight side for the band area, but the crowd was sure fun and that makes for a good time.
We have been asked to come back, so we will get the dates out to you, sometime toward
the end of May.
Speaking of the crowd, we really had some unexpected visitors, my Mom and Dad came
by, on their 55th, wedding anniversary, out to see a blues band, what do you think about that.
Hello My Friends!!

We are playing Friday night April 22, 2005. but I gave 
you the wrong location. We are not playing at the 
morganford blues bar, but are playing down the street.

Tower Pub 8:30p-12:30a 3234 Morganford 314-771-7979

We had a great time last night, thank you for your 
support.  Jim, our new singer had a good night, even
feeling sick, from this flu virus going around, he did
a great job. A few of us in the band are still trying
to shake that bug.  Jim is still learning all the
songs, by the next show he will have most of them down.

March madness was in the air last night, NCAA
basketball on the tv's and Pocketchange on stage, what a
combination.  See the Show Review tab for more detail.

Hopefully will have some new pictures to post.




October was a good month for Pocketchange. We had two very popular blues
performers stop in and jam with us. Rob Garland from the Rob Garland and the
Blue Monks band, came and sat in with us at Foleys. Howard Yound sat in with
us on Saturday 10/22/05 in soulard, at Spooty's. Rob's guitar playing is fantastic,
and he lit up the stage. Howard is a harp player, and we threw him every thing
we had, from the blues shuffles, to some rock and roll, and he never missed a beat.


Great time at the Tower Pup, on 9/16/05.  We had pretty good crowd, and just a lot of fun. The band is sounding very good, and we received plenty of compliments from the house.  A few stumbling blocks on some of the songs, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, was one of them, but we pulled it out,  Jeff did a great job pulling us our of I just want to make love to you, at the end, but that is what it is all about, he felt us falling, and pulled it out.

It has been some time since I updated this page.  Out last show was 08/05/05

at the Tower Pub.  Musically one of our best performances.  Jason our new singer is really sounding great.  The small place, tight playing area, low stage volume I think really helps us hear each other and play better.  All in all a very good night.

Friday 03/18/05. Trainwreck on the landing. Jim's first time out with the Pocketchange.
We had a very successful night, good crowd, Jim sounded very good, even with the cold.
So I can not wait for you to hear him when he is on.

We have not played out live in over a month, and it did show, our first 4-5 songs
were a little rough, with a struggle most of the night in finishing or ending the songs.
However, the crowd was a big help lots of support and good times. Our ZZ Top songs
had to be some of the favorite for the night, with our first performance of "I'm
bad I'm nationwide" with me on the bass, sounding pretty good.

We were very happy with the overall performance, including Tim's tone from an Ampeg
reissue Reverbrocket amp. which was used in place of his Fender Superreverb, due
to it being over worked, and in the repair shop.

Jeff had a solid night, still feeling a litter worn from the flu, and only 3hrs
sleep, some mics falling off the drum stand and onto the drum during the show, the
mixer not working as planned, but all in all, he pulled it off.

Adrian is still amazing me with each show, great guitar work, on the solo during
I'm bad I'm nationwide, and the ending was great. Stormy Monday blues, great job,
Texas flood, always one of my favorites. The call and response series during
Crosscut saw, and the harmony parts on messin with the kid were exciting for me to
hear, I know the audience loved it.




The blues are the roots, every thing else is the fruits