I have to say that Tom brings a lot of energy to the stage in a place that usually sees pretty mellow players.  The Bass Man.  Tom is very excited to be playing music with his son Tim, and the great talent that is onstage with them for each show.  Tom started playing guitar when he was 16yrs old.  A friend of his older brother used to bring an acoustic guitar over and sing and play all the time.  That was the start of many years of loving music.  While listening to groups like the Kingston Trio; Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Bob Dylan, Tom realized something was missing.  No bass -- No Drums.  In a record store in search of that desert island album, the question was asked to the clerk, “I’m looking for some strong guitar leads, killer drums, a solid bass like thunder all with a shuffle feel.”  The clerk replied, “You just described ZZ Top.”  Tom still considers that album his desert island album.  One Foot in The Blues - a desert island album and a way of life.


Tom never played in the high school band, never played in any band in high school and never really gave it much thought during or after high school.  He could not have written the script that follows any better had he tried to plan the whole story out.  He just wanted his son to be able to read music, and to really be able to play a musical instrument.  Just like most dads, Tom just wanted his son to have it better than he did.  All those years of saxophone lessons and ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, and Eric Clapton playing in the home finally struck that amazing chord.  Look at him now, playing that bass to those songs he grew with, listening to some really great guitar licks, and loving life.  Priceless:  For all the gear, there’s Master Card!!!!


The tone:  Bass, 4 string  G & L and Fender Jazz Bass. Played through

 Ampeg SVT_3 Pro.  Either a 2 x 10 cabinet or 4 x10 cabinet